Daydream Deathray is an aggressively melodic shoegaze band from Kentucky.

Originally conceived in 2016 from the dissolution of a punk rock band, the project was initially mired in difficulty. At the end of their first attempt at a debut EP, the studio owner left town and ceased communication with his clients. This prompted founding member, Matt Glick, to put together his own studio and re-record that EP. But, just as it was nearly completed, the studio was broken into and nearly everything was stolen - including their recordings. This came on the heels of family tragedy for Glick, leaving him in a cloud of depression for months, and effectively ending that chapter of the group.

Once Glick finally began recording again, a different aesthetic direction started to naturally present itself. With this sense of a fresh start, Daydream Deathray have crafted a short and sweet debut that feels light, but with a sprawling sense of darkness just on the horizon. They give an overwhelming sense of personality to their take on a genre that often tends to fit neatly within its own self-imposed guidelines.

Bloom is out June 28th via the band's own Furtherer Industries imprint.